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The Learning HUB LOGO.png
The Learning HUB LOGO.png


To provide all students with a safe environment, where they feel confident and are able to reach their maximum potential by allowing them the time to learn at their own pace, make mistakes, and keep trying until they succeed. 


Decrease the gap that exists in our students by providing direct reading and writing instruction in the tutoring outside of the classroom to our neediest students. 

The Learning Hub. Multi-sensory play.

Partnership with ABCnMe

ABCnMe does not end at age 4. We believe in early learning and future development of all children, and that is why we have formed a partnership with The Learning Hub that carries on as a continuation of our beliefs of development through experimentation, creativity and play and promoting individuality in learning of each student. All this provided by experts in the field allows students to develop through the love of learning, thus reaching their maximum potential.

The Learning HUB is a complement to the studies they receive at their schools.

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