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Preescolar en Panamá

Welcome to
ABCnMe Early Learning Center

ABCnMe is an innovative preschool located in Panama that nurtures children's development through play, exploration, and social-emotional growth, preparing them for future schooling.


We started working with children in 2008 with the American child enrichment franchise FasTracKids, little knowing that we would be expanding and launching a completely new project, our pre-school ABCnMe. We gave outstanding stimulation and neurodevelopment programs to children aged 2 to 6 years old to help them build their general abilities and attain their full potential at a young age.

ABCnMe's journey formally began in 2012, on the premise of offering the little ones the opportunity of an integral and personalized development in a spacious bilingual preschool full of light and life in Costa del Este, Panama City.

Today, ABCnMe is a top preschool in Panama, thanks to our continued commitment and a team of early childhood educators, psychologists, academic directors and administrators who work to provide young children with the best education and facilities to prepare them to become enthusiastic learners.

Welcome to the ABCnMe family.

Marianela de Sousa


Maternal en Panamá
Bilingual daycare in Panama City

What do the parents say?

Preschool girl laughing at ABCnMe

María del Pilar

Discovering ABCnMe is one of the best things that have happened to me. My children are secure, independent and empathetic. ABCnMe's avant-garde method of teaching strengthens their individuality and their self-confidence.

Bilingual preschool in Panama


My son adapted to the school fairly quickly and really enjoyed it. 
He goes to school happy and comes back home even happier. He is always looking forward to seeing his friends and teachers.

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