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The classroom

Our facilities are designed to align with the Creative Curriculum, ensuring a safe and joyful learning environment for young children. We employ age-appropriate equipment, furniture, materials, and manipulatives in each area to enhance their learning experience.

The design of our educational spaces at ABCnMe deeply influences not only how students learn, but also how they feel and behave. Our thoughtfully designed infrastructure creates a calm, engaging, and responsive environment that nurtures your child’s growth at every stage of development, ensuring they thrive both academically and emotionally.

The Furniture

The furniture at our preschool is carefully selected to prioritize children's safety. The child-friendly architecture is designed to captivate young minds, foster engaging activities, and enhance peer learning opportunities, creating an environment that supports and stimulates development.


ABCnMe Features:

  • 730 m2 of construction

  • Covered garage

  • Classrooms of 45 m2 and 110 m2

  • Equipped kitchen

  • Wide transition area

  • Gym equipped with curriculum for motor and sensory development

  • Technology lounge with projection board

  • Park with transparent roof at a height of 10 meters

  • Administrative and coordination offices

The right environment is crucial for fostering children's learning, communication, trust, love, confidence, and positive self-esteem. To support the holistic development of each child, our classrooms feature interest centers tailored for various activities, each designed to enhance different aspects of growth and learning.

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