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Pre-school education for children 3-5 years old

The preschool stage is a crucial phase in the developmental journey of children. It serves as a foundational period marked by swift advancements in physical, cognitive, and emotional domains.

Preschool in Panama

Children actively participate in activities designed to stimulate early learning, enhance socialization, facilitate language acquisition, refine motor skills, and encourage the development of independence.

This period is essential for igniting their curiosity, nurturing creativity, and laying the groundwork for a seamless transition into formal education.

At ABCnMe, we adhere to a comprehensive curriculum that not only addresses the four key developmental domains (emotional-social, physical, language, and cognitive) and their 14 corresponding objectives, but also includes the structured instruction of English as a new language.


Each child is cared for individually, taking into consideration their personalities and interests.


We focus on cultivating the interdependence between development and honing essential processing skills.


We focus on teaching key skills like observing, associating, problem-solving, organizing information, and effective communication and representation.


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